Thorned Pentagram - Faux Leather

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Thorned Pentagram - Faux Leather 

Love with a bit of spice. These beauties were created on 5/8" stitched faux leather. Each piece is adorned with large spike metal spike rivets & CZ crystal rivets along with a heart metal rivet and hanging d-ring. 


  • Black - Black faux leather with gunmetal hardware & AB crystal rivets
  • White - White faux leather with gunmetal hardware & AB crystal rivets
  • Baby Blue - Baby blue faux leather with silver hardware & blue crystal rivets
  • Baby Pink - Baby pink faux leather with silver hardware & pink crystal rivets
  • Orange - Orange faux leather with gunmetal hardware & black crystal rivets
  • Red - Red faux leather with silver hardware & red crystal rivets
  • Blue - Blue faux leather with silver hardware & royal blue crystal rivets

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