Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of metal do you use?

  • Chains - Heavy duty aluminum
  • Buckles - Iron
  • Rivets - Zinc Metal Alloys 
  • Cat/Heart Rings - Zinc Metal Alloys 
  • Locks - Zinc Metal Alloys

 What is the difference between a buckle or d-ring closure?

Buckle closures are adjustable while d-ring closures not non-adjustable. D-ring closures are held in place by either a ribbon tie, lock, or metal connector! 

Can you create [insert product] to be hypoallergenic?

I do not specifically make products hypoallergenic however you can coat the product in a clear acrylic or lacquer such as clear nail polish to provide a clear barrier between skin and metal.


Is this store plus size friendly?

Yes x100! I can make any size from 5"-25"+


I ordered the wrong size! Where do we go from here?

Depending on the design, a remake for an incorrectly sized choker/collar will range anywhere from $15-$20 USD + shipping. The buyer will send the product back to my location to the address listed on the order. After I receive the product and it is in the same condition as how it was sent, I will resize the product and send it back.

Day chain collar/chokers may be adjusted with a restock fee of $5 along with invoicing for the price difference for any size/hardware alterations as well as a charge for shipping to and from the seller.

What are your processing times? (Processing times may be extended due to supply delays, please subscribe for updates & check IG)

Leather Collars: 2-3 business weeks

Day Collars: 1-2 weeks


Do you accept returns?

Items may be returned within the 2 week grace period post delivery of the product. Items will only be refunded at a maximum of 50% as long as the product is still in the same condition it was sent in.


[Insert hardware] broke/was damaged. Can you fix it?

If the product is within 4 weeks from delivery, I can offer the following solutions:

  1. Fix the product free of charge after being sent the product back.

  2. Offer a refund depending on the condition of the damaged piece.

  3. Offer a discount code for 20% off your entire next order. 


If the product is outside 4 weeks from delivery, I can offer the following solutions;

  1. Fix the product for a $5 fee with shipping to and from covered by the customer.

  2. Offer a refund depending on the reason the product broke/was damaged.

  3. Offer a discount code for 10% off your entire next order. 


Is this store 18+?

Certain products involving a ball post and buckle along with leashes are considered 18+ items only. Other products can be used as fashion accessories. If you are found to be purchasing an 18+ product this will result an immediate permanent ban from the shop. I do not condone minors participating in any sort of kink play.