Star Lock x O-Ring Slip Chain Collar/Choker - All Metal Types

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Star Lock x O-Ring Slip Chain Collar/Choker

Who said slip chain collars can't be fashionable while still functional? Created with all your choice for metal hardware with an O-ring on one end and a star shaped lock with one matching star shaped key. This does not have a clasp, the lock enables it for ease of taking on and off. 

These are made with a 20" long chain with approximately 2" added from the size of the o-ring & lock. Chain length can be made longer upon request via email after order placement!

Please note that constant rubbing against skin/sweat/moisture can cause the chain to lose its luster over time. I suggest coating the metal in a jewelry lacquer to increase its longevity. Some marring/marks may occur during the creation of the slip chain on the connection links. This does not in any way effect the structural integrity of the slip chain itself. 

Size adjustments are available, but buyer must pay for shipping to and from the shop along with adjustment fees.

Directions: Grasp product from the rings and place the chain around the back of neck. Thread one ring through the other and pull one end until it is at the desired length. 

Made for humans, not animals! 

Chain Metal type - Heavy duty Aluminum, nickel free, & tug proof!

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